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Category: Revisits

Contrarian Calls Revisited: Tobias Carlisle’s Bearish COVID Outlook in March 2020

Aquirers Fund founder Tobias Carlisle said the market was underestimating the impact of COVID-19 and made a case for value investing and his preferred shorts in a March 2020 episode, recorded on Feb. 26.

Carlisle said he could see “the market get hammered again” later in the year and that unlike other public health scares, COVID-19 had an impact on supply chains. 

“I think it’s very likely that we see material weakness all year long due to coronavirus,” he said at the time.

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Contrarian Calls, Revisited: Theron de Ris’ Bullish View of Energy, Precious Metals, Royalty and Streaming Stocks

Theron de Ris of Eschler Asset Management was bullish on energy, precious metals and royalty and streaming companies in the mining market in November 2020. 

Precious metals were in an up-trend but 2020 was the “first year we’ll be seeing some institutional interest develop,” de Ris said at the time.

Additionally, “gold is kind of a bet against bad government decisions and falling trust in the system.” Royalty and streaming companies were poised to come along for the ride as these were “basically financing companies” to “bring mines into production” with the benefit of a cut off the top line, usually into perpetuity. 

Among these, de Ris’ favorite was EMX Royalties (EMX).

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Contrarian Calls, Revisited: David Hunter on Last September’s ‘Fake-Out Sell-Off’

After stocks sold off last September (sound familiar?), Contrarian Macro Advisors’ David Hunter assured listeners the real stage of the melt-up in risk assets was still ahead. “This does not take away the melt-up scenario,” Hunter said of the September swoon, “In fact, this is kind of a fake out, sell off … I do think we’re going to regroup, and we’ll see the melt up later this year.”

See for yourself:

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