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Opportunities in Emerging, Frontier Markets (Szn 5, Episode 27)

Featuring Kevin T. Carter, EMQQ Global

Kevin T. Carter, founder and chief investment officer of EMQQ Global, joins the podcast to discuss opportunities in emerging and frontier market stocks. His first lesson: don’t bother with the indexes. The real opportunities are to be found in individual stocks.

Content Highlights

  • The first issue with emerging market investing is the index. These do not accurately reflect the real opportunities (1:19);
  • Individual stocks, especially of technology companies, have performed far better than the underlying index (6:25);
  • There are three mega-trends that point to emerging markets growth over the long term (8:03);
  • South America’s E-commerce giant is not in any EM index. Neither is Brazilian digital bank Nu Holdings (15:14);
  • A broad discussion of China, where things are not always as they appear in the western media… (19:22);
  • Right now all eyes are on India. The story there is still in the early innings, but unfortunately options are limited for investors limited to US exchanges… (42:13);
  • Other markets in South Asia also offer compelling opportunities. Especially Bangladesh (48:58).

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Stocks, Bonds to Rally in Q4: David Hunter (Szn 5, Episode 25)

A short actionable highlights reel from this podcast was released to premium subscribers last Thursday, Oct. 12 — the same day it was recorded. The full episode and transcript were made available to premium subscribers the following day. Become a premium subscriber by signing up on our Substack or Supercast.

David Hunter of Contrarian Macro Advisors rejoins the podcast to discuss his views on the economy, Fed, stocks, and bonds.

Not investment advice.

Content Highlights

  • Views on the bond market (1:31);
  • The Federal Reserve will likely pause again at its next meeting, on Nov. 1 (6:41);
  • Views on stocks (11:30);
  • Once consensus emerges that the Fed is ‘done’ it will remove a major wall of worry and headwind the magnitude of which few are anticipating… (16:14);
  • Targets for S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Industrials, 10-year yields… (21:21);
  • How the ‘bust’ scenario will play out (27:02),

To contact David Hunter and find out about subscribing to his newsletter, you need to send him a direct message on Twitter. His handle is @DaveHContrarian. The host will not forward your messages.

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Contrarian Investing Primer With Phil Pecsok, Anacapa Advisors (Szn 5, Epsd 24)

Phil Pecsok, founder of Anacapa Advisors, joins the podcast to supply a primer on contrarian investing: What it is, what catalysts to look for, and some valuable lessons from his 30-year career on Wall Street.

Content Highlights

  • The guest provides his views of contrarian investing and how he uses it (1:27);
  • Examples of blaring contrarian signals from past cycles (9:00);
  • The Fed is likely to stay hawkish (13:14);
  • The ‘Rule of 3’ in contrarian investing as illustrated in a story from early in the guest’s career (16:37);
  • His views on cryptos (24:13);
  • Background on the guest (30:01);
  • Sports betting is an efficient way to lose money, unless you’re running the book. But sometimes there are sometimes contrarian opportunities (37:46);
  • What keeps the guest up at night? Nothing in particular, though stocks are probably overbought even after the recent sell-off (45:17).

For more on the guest and his firm, visit the website

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