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A Global Economy Beset by Discrepancies, With Joseph Politano (Szn 5, Ep. 3)

Joseph Politano of Apricitas Economics joins the podcast to discuss his views on the various discrepancies in the global economy — and how the whole thing may play out.

Content Highlights

  • US home prices could be due for more declines, based on how housing starts and interest rates have been trending (2:15);
  • How much of the strength of the labor market is due to interest rate hikes not having taken full effect yet? (4:09);
  • Expecting a ‘mild recession’ may be as naive as anticipating a ‘soft landing’ (8:44);
  • Traditional leading indicators are out of synch, with manufacturing employment dropping precipitously but the services sector going from strength to strength (13:30);
  • The Fed may have already overdone it with interest rate hikes (14:57);
  • The ‘best case’ scenario may be akin to what happened in 1995-96 (18:15);
  • Background on the guest (22:23);
  • What to (possibly) expect from Fed policy the rest of 2023 (27:29);
  • Watch Japan’s monetary policy as well (34:17);
  • What about cryptocurrencies as a systemic risk? (39:08);

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‘Options Mike’ on the Coming Year-End Rally for Stocks (Szn 4, Ep. 33)

This podcast episode brought to you by Covey — Covey is designed to find, reward, and train the next top investment managers —from any background—that anyone can copy, so everyone can win.

Michael Pisani, aka Options Mike, joins the podcast to discuss why he’s anticipating a year-end rally in stocks. 

Content Highlights

  • It’s been a tough year for stocks and risk assets. That may be about to change (2:10);
  • Jerome Powell and the Fed have twice this year fooled markets into anticipating a pivot. But something has changed and the FOMC is no longer unanimous with its hawkishness (4:04);
  • There is still a lot of cash still on the sidelines (6:46);
  • Specific areas of the market Pisani likes here. And specific stocks, primarily Ford (F) and to a lesser extent General Motors (GM), both as longterm plays (11:42);
  • Another stock he’s bullish on: Snowflake (SNOW) and several that are candidates to go to zero (12:33);
  • An easy contrarian play: ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK). Yes, really (15:46);
  • Pisani’s take on cryptos (18:31);
  • Background on the guest (23:44).

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Not intended as investment advice.

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