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Author of ‘SBF’ on his Book’s Subject, What Undid FTX, Future of Cryptos (Season 5, Episode 11)

Brady Dale joins the podcast to discuss his book, ‘SBF: How the FTX bankruptcy unwound crypto’s very bad good guy’ and offer his thoughts on the present and future of cryptocurrencies.

Content Highlights

  • Who is Sam Bankman-Fried exactly? Is he a crook? (Yeah, probably) Misunderstood? The author has known SBF for awhile and states that his subject was initially motivated by effective altruism, or EA … (1:27);
  • FTX was undone by its special treatment of Alameda. If it wasn’t for that, “Sam would still be on the news all the time” today (10:54);
  • Bankman-Fried’s apparent misreading of crypto cycles led to ill-timed bets after Bitcoin hit an all-time high in November 2021 (14:26);
  • In one of SBF’s last conversations with the author, SBF claims he is unlikely to get a fair trial due to being proverbially hung already in the courts of opinion (17:59);
  • Where does SBF rank among other financial market fraudsters? Perhaps Long Term Capital Management is the closest comparison… (23:52);
  • Background on the guest, including what got him to write the book on SBF (34:03);
  • Cryptos should eventually become a normal part of the economy. In many ways the story of SBF vindicates this (38:26);
  • The world only really needs three blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin (44:28);
  • Crypto regulation was supposed to have happened already, but it all seems to be talk (49:58).

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Trader With 380% Gains in 2022 Tells Us Why He’s Fully Allocated to Cash (Szn 5, Ep 6)

Season 5, Episode 6 feat Mark Szemeszki

This podcast episode brought to you by Covey — Covey is designed to find, reward, and train the next top investment managers —from any background—that anyone can copy, so everyone can win.

Mark Szemeszki joins the podcast to discuss his highly profitable short crypto trades from last year and why his business cycle theory has him sitting in cash.

Content Highlights

  • Three-hundred-and-eighty percent (380%) returns last year. How did he do it? (2:47);
  • The macro view and leading indicators are pointing to a recession right now, which makes risk-taking more problematic in the short term (4:17);
  • His short crypto trades predate the FTX saga (7:33);
  • More on his business cycle theory (10:32);
  • Inflationary pressure is real, including from China’s reopening (13:37);
  • More information on catalysts sought when shorting altcoins (16:17);
  • Shorting the narrative on altcoins is a good strategy if you can get a good entry point (20:20);
  • Background on the guest (25:08);
  • More on his trades last year (27:13);
  • Probably 99% of crytpo currencies are useless, even Bitcoin and Ethereum (29:37).

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Yes, the Fed Can Still Engineer a ‘Soft Landing’: Callie Cox, eToro (Szn 5, Ep. 5)

short clip of actionable highlights from this podcast episode was distributed to premium subscribers on Feb. 9 — almost one week ago at the time of this writing. The full podcast episode followed a day after that. To become a premium subscriber and take advantage of this and a host of other benefits (and avoid annoying ads and announcements), visit our Supercast or Substack and sign up!

Callie Cox of eToro joins the podcast to discuss her view that the Federal Reserve can engineer a ‘soft landing’ — defeating inflation while not tipping the US economy into a recession.

Content Highlights

  • It’s hard to see how the Fed will be able to combat inflation without breaking things in the economy, but this is the guest’s view (3:00);
  • This view is partly based on the job market (4:06);
  • Inflation is the major risk to the ‘soft landing’ thesis. But there are encouraging signs (6:00);
  • Still, there is a chance investors are underestimating the chances of higher interest rates from the Fed (8:08);
  • Ultimately, investors are discounting the global economy’s strength (9:21);
  • Technology has been harder hit than other sectors of the economy, which may bring second-order effects especially locally. But nationally, initial jobless claims are still low (13:57);
  • The US consumer has been a particular strong point. No reason for that to stop (15:53);
  • Background on the guest (20:12);
  • Views on cryptocurrency (24:48);
  • The concept of decentralized finance, or DeFi: not just a fool’s errand (26:43);
  • Does the VIX still matter? Maybe, but there are better options to gauge volatility (31:14).

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