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No Recession Imminent, Watch for New Highs in (Certain) Stocks: Edward Olanow (Szn 4, Ep. 12)

Edward Olanow, portfolio manager and director of investment solutions at Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers, joins the podcast to supply a surprisingly bullish outlook on the economy and on certain segments of the stock market.

Content Highlights

  • Reasons for optimism: Given the Fed and external shocks, GDP remains high and there is still a backlog of orders and millions of unfilled jobs (3:15);
  • The Fed’s talk about 0.75% interest rate hikes is “just jawboning” (5:33);
  • The era of ‘buy & hold’ is over; investors need to be more nimble (8:25);
  • The house view at Weiss is that Nasdaq stocks will have a tougher time than other segments of the market (10:40);
  • The war in Ukraine: in all likelihood risks are localized at present, judging by gold and energy prices (14:25);
  • Background on the guest (18:40);
  • What are dispersion trades and how do they work? (20:34);
  • Why this may be a good time for this strategy — and a ‘turning point’ for alternatives managers in general (26:27);
  • Where all this leaves fixed income and the bond market: Fixed-income is less forward-looking than people think… (29:55);
  • What Olanow and Weiss monitor for inflation (32:31);

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Stock Picks for an Uncertain Time: Allen Bond, Jensen Investment Management (Szn 4, Ep 8)

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Allen Bond, managing director and portfolio manager at Jensen Investment Management in Lake Oswego, Ore., joins the podcast to provide some stock picks for an increasingly uncertain — and inflationary — time in global financial markets.

Content Highlights

  • Investors have two major issues they’re grappling with right now: Ukraine and inflation (5:51);
  • To protect against inflationary pressures, Jensen looks for businesses that have pricing power (11:11);

  • Mastercard (MA) and TJX (TJX) are two such stocks (13:29);
  • Background on the guest (19:36);

  • Three additional stock ideas, starting with ADP (ADP), another company that is difficult to displace (28:54);
  • Broadridge Financial Solutions (BR), the leading provider of proxy services (35:51);

  • Pfizer (PFE) has sold off since making Covid vaccine headlines last year, but continues to generate a ton of cash — and put it to productive use (43:26).

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Contrarian Calls, Revisited: Liz Hall’s Bullish Calls on Games Workshop, Nintendo

Liz Hall said she was interested in Games Workshop (GMWKF) and Nintendo (NTDOY), in a September 2020 visit to the podcast.

Hall said she discovered Games Workshop, which manufactures Warhammer figurines and hobby collections, and knew she had to invest “because the people were so passionate.”

She saw similar potential in Nintendo (NTDOY) and purchased the stock at approximately $30 per share.

“I saw Nintendo Switch was coming out and everyone I knew who was into video games was raving about this thing,” she said.

Hall said she goes down “rabbit holes” on YouTube and Reddit learning about topics and cultures that interest her to find investment opportunities.

“I think there’s a lot of [investing opportunities] if you just chill and catch the vibe of what’s going on on the internet.”

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