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Diamonds as an Asset Class: Concepts, Contrarian, Catalysts (Szn 5, Ep 22)

With Cormac Kinney, Diamond Standard

Cormac Kinney, founder and CEO of Diamond Standard, joins the podcast to discuss the concept of diamonds as an asset class: why they haven’t become an investable commodity like other precious metals, how that may be changing, and what investors can expect in terms of correlation to other assets and alpha.

Content Highlights

  • Why haven’t diamonds become an investable asset class like precious metals or other commodities? (1:11);
  • Some of the economics behind diamond production and why supply is dropping dramatically (4:45);
  • How Diamond Standard is turning diamonds into a fungible commodity (this is where the bars in the cover photo comes in) (7:55);
  • What are diamonds used for practically, other than jewelry? (11:06);
  • Diamonds’ correlation to other asset classes over time (15:33);
  • Diamond futures are coming. That will introduce much-needed liquidity (21:45);
  • Background on the guest (29:30);

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