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Contrarian Investing Primer With Phil Pecsok, Anacapa Advisors (Szn 5, Epsd 24)

Phil Pecsok, founder of Anacapa Advisors, joins the podcast to supply a primer on contrarian investing: What it is, what catalysts to look for, and some valuable lessons from his 30-year career on Wall Street.

Content Highlights

  • The guest provides his views of contrarian investing and how he uses it (1:27);
  • Examples of blaring contrarian signals from past cycles (9:00);
  • The Fed is likely to stay hawkish (13:14);
  • The ‘Rule of 3’ in contrarian investing as illustrated in a story from early in the guest’s career (16:37);
  • His views on cryptos (24:13);
  • Background on the guest (30:01);
  • Sports betting is an efficient way to lose money, unless you’re running the book. But sometimes there are sometimes contrarian opportunities (37:46);
  • What keeps the guest up at night? Nothing in particular, though stocks are probably overbought even after the recent sell-off (45:17).

For more on the guest and his firm, visit the website

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