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Season 2, Episode 32: Opportunities May Be Brewing in Cyclical Stocks

With Christian Putz, ARR Investments

Christian Putz is an Austrian-born hedge fund manager currently based in London. His fund has outperformed benchmarks this year during one of the more unpredictable periods in recent memory.

Behind this success is an understanding and appreciation of the big-picture macro environment. Only when that is taken into account does the fund look at individual stocks.

Right now the macro picture is mostly benign with the U.S. election looming. Many sectors remain strong. There are buying opportunities brewing, especially in the oil and gas industry.


  • The macro picture versus individual stocks and where things stand right now (7:28);
  • Economically, things look rather benign. Buying opportunities may abound in the energy industry especially (13:09);
  • Risks “are more to the upside,” with steepening yield curve. This may bode well for the financial sector (16:05);
  • Recent months have seen a rebound in copper prices. That may be overdone. There is a bear market case to be made post election (18:38);
  • Background on the guest (22:39);
  • The fund’s current portfolio allocation (32:10);
  • The benefits of utilities right now (33:42);

For more information on the guest:

Not intended as investment advice.

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Season 2, Episode 31: James Altucher and Where (Not) to Invest Ahead of the Election — And Beyond

A wide-ranging conversation with one of the more outspoken contrarians on Wall Street and Main Street.

James Altucher needs to introduction. For several decades he has been an outspoken contrarian on matters ranging from investing to politics, society, entrepreneurialism, and all points in between.

We planned to limit this conversation to investing. That didn’t happen. Instead Altucher spoke on a wide range of issues — including investing — and introduced some items that he hadn’t discussed before publicly.

If you do want to skip to the investing content, it starts at 20:26.

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EXCLUSIVE for Premium Subscribers: David Hunter on What to Expect From Markets The Rest of This Year and Beyond

David Hunter of Contrarian Macro Advisors rejoins the podcast in this special episode released a whole week early for premium subscribers. To get it, sign up here for the (temporarily) reduced rate of $8 per month or $88/year.

Hunter in April predicted a dramatic rebound in risk assets. This was deemed outlandish in light of COVID, but has largely come to pass — though a bit short of his original target (4000 for the S&P 500 by Labor Day).

Now Hunter updates his view, with a rather shocking call: what we’ve seen so far was not the real “melt-up.” Most of the gains are still ahead, in fact the coming months should see the final stage of a parabolic “melt-up.” Then things get ugly.

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