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Beating The Market is Hard. Optimizing Investments is Easy: Chris Hutchins (Szn4, Ep 22)

Chris Hutchins joins the podcast to discuss his strategy for asset allocation, which leans heavily on passive investing and optimizing earnings power rather than picking stocks. In this (admittedly) unorthodox episode he discusses some of his methods.

Content Highlights

  • You probably can’t beat the market. Instead of trying to optimize the portfolio, why not optimize how quickly money can be put to work? Or maximize income from employment (5:55);
  • Beating the market may be extremely difficult (if not impossible). but educating oneself is still invaluable along several lines that are discussed (8:07);
  • How does Hutchins’ asset allocation break down exactly? (10:45);
  • The guest is also a venture capitalist. What areas of technology is he particularly excited about right now? (12:35);
  • What about the VC model itself? (21:30);
  • Background on the guest (30:00);
  • Not investing is as big a mistake as investing incorrectly. Some of the options (35:32);
  • How important is liquidity? (38:44);
  • What has the guest most worried right now? (42:06).

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