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The ‘Stoic Investment’ Primer (Szn 6, Epsd 11)

With Darius Foroux

Darius Foroux, author of the upcoming book ‘The Stoic Path to Wealth,’ joined the podcast to discuss his, well, stoic approach to investing.

This podcast episode was recorded on Tuesday, June 25, 2024 and was made available to premium subscribers the following day — without ads or announcements. For more information on premium subscriptions, visit our Substack.

Content Highlights

  • How interest in philosophy rekindled his interest in investing after the great financial crisis (1:32);
  • A brief introduction to stoicism, a 2,300 year-old philosophy that is distinct from cynicism (4:08);
  • How to apply this to investing (6:14);
  • Isn’t investing in indexes just the best way to go? (12:38);
  • The ’90/10′ portfolio allocation: 90% in the S&P 500, 10% in individual stocks (17:24);
  • The Dutch Stripe, trades in Amsterdam and on Pink Sheets (18:06);
  • Background on the guest (28:54);
  • The guest’s second individual stock holding. Listeners will have heard about this one (33:01);
  • How does a stoic combat FOMO (41:41).

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