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Szn 4, Ep 6: The ‘Bad Times Are Already Here,’ With Acquirers Funds’ Tobias Carlisle

Tobias Carlisle of Acquirers Funds rejoins the podcast to discuss the stock market’s latest dramatic reversal, this time over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and why investors may be a bit too bullish at present…

Content Highlights

  • How to take the huge reversal last week with Russia-Ukraine? (3:11)
  • Every war starts with “the boys will be home by Christmas,” but most tend to drag on longer than anticipated. Sometimes a lot longer… (5:13);
  • Growth stocks have been in correction territory for some time. Are they in a bear market? Probably… (8:52);
  • The interest rate cycle has not started tightening but inflation has the Fed caught between a rock and a hard place (15:53);
  • Energy and energy stocks are still cheap. Then there are defense contractors. Lockheed Martin (LMT) has benefited from Russia-Ukraine and Carlisle is a holder… (21:25);
  • Facebook aka Meta (FB) is also cheap (23:20);
  • Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs: Dead as Disco (30:12);
  • The aim of investing is to survive the bad times and they are “probably here” (37:18).

More From the Guest

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Szn 4, Ep 5: Opportunities Abound in Emerging Asia, with Herald van der Linde, HSBC

Herald van der Linde, head of Asia equity strategy for HSBC in Hong Kong, joins the podcast to discuss opportunities in emerging Asia.

Content Highlights

  • Emerging markets have under-performed developed markets, including in Asia — but this is not an entirely fair comparison (3:09);
  • What of the premise that much of emerging Asia are simply suppliers to China and therefore dependent on that country? This too is not so simple… (6:01);
  • Markets like Indonesia move independent of China and the U.S. With 250 million people, a growing middle class, and improved infrastructure, this is one area where there are opportunities (8:21);
  • Financial services still have ample room to grow in the region, with large numbers of under-banked individuals. The energy sector, meanwhile, is transitioning (12:45);
  • Background on the guest (19:26);
  • Consumers are a growing force throughout Asia, but individual countries have vastly different spending habits. An overview (24:38);
  • There is one country that nobody is really looking at in professional investing circles. The possibilities are enormous. That country is Bangladesh (31:55).
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Szn 4, Ep. 2: The Nascent Sino-U.S. Financial Cold War, with James Fok

James Fok joins the podcast to discuss his book ‘Financial Cold War: A View of Sino-US Relations from the Financial Markets’. In Fok’s view, the fates of China and the U.S. are highly intertwined, and neither country’s leaders want the conflict to escalate — but that could easily change.

Content Highlights

  • How the financial cold war is defined, some of the ways it is already impacting society and economics, and the risks of greater conflicts (3:06);
  • Is military conflict between the U.S. and China inevitable? (4:49);
  • The fates of the two countries are highly intertwined but the U.S. dollar and global monetary system have exacerbated imbalances (7:46);
  • Why the belief that the USD’s global role is good for the U.S. is a fallacy (11:02);
  • The world needs to become less USD-denominated if the financial Cold War is going to be resolved. There is precedence for this (18:00);
  • Background on the guest (30:00);
  • The state of China’s economy and where it’s headed (33:44);
  • China’s economic problems are clear for all to see, but the social implications are probably being significantly underestimated (36:49).
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