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Three (3) Long Stock Ideas from Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference V

Attendees heard three exclusive stock ideas at Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference V on Dec. 17. Presentations and recordings were made available to attendees but are now being released to the general public. The next iteration of the Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference will be held next month. Tickets are available through our subscription plan.

  • Matt Zabloski of Delbrook Capital presented on Torex Gold Resources, which trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under ticker symbol TXG and in the U.S. under TORXF on the pink sheets. “At the current spot gold price, TXG is trading at half the value of its peers,” making for the widest point ever for the implied discount to spot gold. “We believe this valuation gap will close in the coming months.” Read the presentation here or watch the video below.

  • Christian Putz of ARR Investment Partners gave a presentation on S&T AG, an Austrian “internet-of-things and Industry 4.0” company. S&T trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under ticker symbol SANT. Read the presentation.

  • Sean Stannard-Stockton of Ensemble Capital presented on First American Financial (NYSE:FAF). Read the presentation here or watch the video below.

This page will update with other videos so be sure to check back.

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Season 2, Episode 32: Opportunities May Be Brewing in Cyclical Stocks

With Christian Putz, ARR Investments

Christian Putz is an Austrian-born hedge fund manager currently based in London. His fund has outperformed benchmarks this year during one of the more unpredictable periods in recent memory.

Behind this success is an understanding and appreciation of the big-picture macro environment. Only when that is taken into account does the fund look at individual stocks.

Right now the macro picture is mostly benign with the U.S. election looming. Many sectors remain strong. There are buying opportunities brewing, especially in the oil and gas industry.


  • The macro picture versus individual stocks and where things stand right now (7:28);
  • Economically, things look rather benign. Buying opportunities may abound in the energy industry especially (13:09);
  • Risks “are more to the upside,” with steepening yield curve. This may bode well for the financial sector (16:05);
  • Recent months have seen a rebound in copper prices. That may be overdone. There is a bear market case to be made post election (18:38);
  • Background on the guest (22:39);
  • The fund’s current portfolio allocation (32:10);
  • The benefits of utilities right now (33:42);

For more information on the guest:

Not intended as investment advice.

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