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The Contrarian Investor Podcast Premium is the paid membership option for listeners of the podcast. Members get the podcast earlier than regular subscribers, without ads or announcements. They also get the Daily Contrarian briefing and podcast, out each market morning by 7am Eastern Time.

Sign up here through our Supercast account or here through our Substack! (Both services and prices are exactly the same — $9/month or $99/year — but if you already have a Substack account you may want to use that option).

New: You can now also subscribe through Spotify!

Okay, So Why Does This Cost Money?

Put simply, this podcast takes time to produce. Time to do all the necessary research. Time to find and vet the right guests. Time to write and record the podcast. Time to edit it. Time to stay on top of markets and trends. Time to discuss these things with knowledgeable people.

That’s just the regular podcast. As a subscriber, your main benefit is the aforementioned “Daily Contrarian” mini podcast that airs each morning. Subtitle “What’s Known.”

This is an actionable preview of the day’s market activity, looking at the economic data releases, earnings results, and other items likely to move stocks — all with the contrarian view in mind, of course.

The daily podcast and briefing are kept purposefully short and succinct, focusing only on what matters and avoiding all blather and clickbait. Important context is supplied, but nobody’s time is wasted. There is enough of that out there, from people or companies who either don’t understand markets, don’t understand investors, or don’t understand what is already priced in and where there might be arbitrage.

Those who do understand these things often have a service to sell. They use their briefings and podcasts as thinly-veiled marketing. The result is a commoditized or otherwise inferior report. No surprise that you can get all that for free. You probably already do. How is that working out for you? Do you even read these briefings anymore?

Other Benefits to Membership

That’s just the daily podcast. But there’s more that comes with a premium subscription:

  • Regular podcast episodes are made available within 24 hours of recording. Regular subscribers have to wait days or more. 
  • These podcast episodes are ad-free and don’t have any announcements or other interruptions. Just the conversation;
  • Other bonus episodes; especially recordings of our virtual conferences and stock talks seminars;
  • Podcast transcripts, available immediately after episodes are published;
  • Access to locked groups in the new Discord Server where individual securities are discussed;
  • Access to locked groups in the new Slack channel, featuring:
    • Direct interaction with the host and selected guests;
    • Exclusive documents from hedge funds and others;
  • Discounts on Virtual Events and subscriptions from our partners;

All this for just $9 per month for a limited time! (This price will go up soon. Inflation. It may be transitory but its effects are real)

Even better: sign up for a year and get a free month!

Best of all: Right now you can sign up for a seven-day trial completely free!

Full-time students and active duty military can get this service free of charge. Simply contact us with your information if this applies to you!

Everybody else: Sign up here through our Supercast account or here through our Substack!