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rare earth metals or elements

The Bullish Case for Rare Earths: Louis O’Connor (Szn 4, Ep. 20)

Louis O’Connor, CEO of Strategic Metals Invest, joins the podcast to make the case for rare earth metals. These commodities, hitherto unavailable to retail investors, are now accessible and entering the mainstream…

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  • Rare earth metals (sometimes called rare earth elements) are intrinsic to daily life. They are part of modern technology as diverse as electric cars, military applications, solar applications, nuclear reactors, and more (3:01);
  • China produces more than 80% of the world’s rare earths and refines metals even mined in the U.S. (5:39);
  • Okay, so what are these rare metals exactly? There are 17 in all, though not all are exactly rare, or vital… (8:12);
  • Rare earths have outperformed almost all major asset classes the last five years (14:22);
  • The supply picture for rare earths is complicated, while demand is quite inelastic, depending on a diverse set of buyers… (18:58);
  • Rare earths are entering the mainstream and production is increasing in the U.S., where it is more expensive (23:01);
  • There is a specific rare earth where the investment opportunity is particularly compelling at present (31:58);
  • Tellurium, on the other hand, is one that is not deemed particularly advantageous at the moment (35:50).

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Season 2, Episode 2: Energy Markets at a Turning Point, With Economist Peter Sainsbury

The history of tobacco companies and lead markets may hold lessons for investors

Economist and energy specialist Peter Sainsbury joins the podcast to discuss his thesis, that the fossil fuel industry faces a dilemma similar to what confounded big tobacco a generation ago.

Oil companies in particular are starting to be seen as “sin stocks” with institutions divesting themselves on ethical grounds. Much like tobacco companies reinvented themselves in the 1990s, energy companies can undergo a similar renaissance. Indeed the process of oil companies divesting harmful assets is already underway. This causes opportunities for investors. But first, expect headwinds.


  • Peter Sainsbury introduces his thesis (1:59)
  • The impact on energy companies’ share prices (8:16)
  • What about alternate energy? (10:27)
  • Background on the guest (15:58) and other areas of interest, including gold and gold miners (18:15)
  • Palladium may be frothy. One little-known indicator worth tracking (23:16)
  • Potential catalysts for supply-side disruption in energy markets (27:08)

For more information on Peter Sainsbury:

Not intended as investment advice.

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