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Prepare for a ‘Long Slog’ in Stock Markets as Fed Hikes Continue: Bob Elliott (Szn 4, Ep. 31)

Bob Elliott, chief investment officer of Unlimited Funds, joins the podcast to discuss his views on the Federal Reserve, inflation, the midterm elections, and why stocks have entered a long ‘slog’ for the foreseeable future.

Content Highlights

  • Investors have been conditioned for recessions to feature a fast decline in equity markets followed by a rapid recovery. This time around those dynamics are different (3:44);
  • There is no chance of a ‘Fed pivot’ coming anytime soon (7:58);
  • What about infighting at the Fed and within the FOMC? (11:03);
  • Yes, you need unemployment to increase for there to be any progress with inflation. Higher prices are no longer due to supply chain issues (13:57);
  • The Fed will raise either 50bps or 75bps at its next meeting and rates could easily go up to 6% (21:22);
  • Background on the guest and his ETF, the Unlimited HFND Multi Strategy Return Tracker ETF. Stock ticker: HFND (26:19);
  • The growing disconnect between hedge fund positioning and retail investors: Hedge funds are short bonds, long commodities, bullish gold, and are sitting on a bunch of cash… (36:21);
  • The Fed’s target rate for inflation is 2%, but that could change. That would bring a myriad of issues… (38:24);
  • It’s hard to get bullish about longterm bonds: right now and for the foreseeable future (40:54);
  • Investors continue to look for reasons that the economy is slowing and the Fed needs to reverse course. There is virtually no evidence of this happening (42:44);
  • The midterm elections are likely to lead to a split government. This brings tail risks that few people are talking about (44:50).

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