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Tag: Artem Fokin

Season 2, Episode 39: How To Find Compounders In Unusual Places

With Artem Fokin, Caro-Kann Capital

Artem Fokin of Caro-Kann Capital joins the podcast to discuss his strategy of finding compounders in unusual places, specifically those listed on the “wrong” exchanges.

Content Segments

  • “What do I mean with the wrong exchange?” (3:42);
  • Why would a U.S. company not just list in the U.S.? Isn’t there more upside? (7:19);
  • Why the Australian exchange is one of the guest’s favorites for finding these companies (13:41);
  • What are the other criteria he looks for? (22:05);
  • What about valuation metrics for choosing an entry point? (31:06);
  • Background on the guest (35:05);
  • More information about his fund, which also focuses on special situations (37:18);
  • The focus has remained consistent, due to core competence (39:35);
  • One hidden gem, a portfolio holding, that he discovered recently: a software company with solid growth rate early in its lifecycle that trades in Australia — and is already profitable (41:19);
  • More discussion of the company, its customer base and how that has changed post-COVID (48:52).
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