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Category: Revisits

Revisiting Gav Blaxberg’s Social Media Powerhouse Stocks

Gav Blaxberg, chief executive officer at Wolf Financial, said he favored stocks that are popular on social media and discussed the Gamestop (GME) surge in the Season 3, Episode 13 episode from June 2021.

“You look for companies that either have very recognizable management or leaders…[or] growth stocks that have blown out of the water their fundamentals,” he said.

Blaxberg identified Labor Smart, Inc. (LTNC), Future Holdings Limited (FUTU), and Celsius Holdings (CELH) as some examples.

Blaxberg said social media is critical to stock performance, and that GameStop’s surge was not as unprecedented as people thought, given Kodak’s success in 2020.

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Revisiting Leo Schmidt’s Bullish Takes on Energy, Aircraft Leasing, 5G Stocks

Leo Schmidt, chief investment officer of River Eddy Capital Management, favored energy, aircraft leasing and 5G infrastructure development stocks in a February 2021 episode.

Among energy stocks, Schmidt liked natural gas transmission company Equitrans Midstream (ETRN). 

“No matter what you think about the price of natural gas, it needs to be moved,” he said. “And we have the cheapest natural gas in the world, except for Saudi Arabia.”

Airline leasing companies were a “fantastic idea” due to “pent-up demand.”

His picks were AerCap (AER) Air Lease Corporation (AL). 

Schmidt also said 5G infrastructure developers would be big players, with Nokia (NOK) and Ericsson (ERIC) at the forefront. 

“Interestingly, Nokia is the only one out of those three that has supply in the United States to all the legacy carriers,” he said.

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Contrarian Calls, Revisited: Liz Hall’s Bullish Calls on Games Workshop, Nintendo

Liz Hall said she was interested in Games Workshop (GMWKF) and Nintendo (NTDOY), in a September 2020 visit to the podcast.

Hall said she discovered Games Workshop, which manufactures Warhammer figurines and hobby collections, and knew she had to invest “because the people were so passionate.”

She saw similar potential in Nintendo (NTDOY) and purchased the stock at approximately $30 per share.

“I saw Nintendo Switch was coming out and everyone I knew who was into video games was raving about this thing,” she said.

Hall said she goes down “rabbit holes” on YouTube and Reddit learning about topics and cultures that interest her to find investment opportunities.

“I think there’s a lot of [investing opportunities] if you just chill and catch the vibe of what’s going on on the internet.”

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