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Value Stock Geek on Google, Meta, Taiwan Semiconductor (Season 5, Episode 13)

This episode was recorded on Tuesday, May 16 and made available to premium subscribers that same day. To become a premium subscriber sign up on Supercast or Substack.

Value Stock Geek rejoins the podcast to discuss recent portfolio acquisitions Google (GOOG), Meta (META), and Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM), what’s on his watch list, and where and when he could be looking to buy.

Content Highlights

  • The case for Google stock (1:54);
  • Artificial intelligence and how that is impacting Google’s business (6:40);
  • Meta and the Metaverse: investing in the legacy business plus Instagram (7:38);
  • Taiwan Semiconductor: cyclical, yes, but a good bet for the long term (12:39);
  • ‘The Weird Portfolio’ and how that works (16:07);
  • The watchlist and two notable stocks worth watching right now: NVR (NVR) and Deere (DE) (20:39).
  • Home Depot (HD), another watchlist stock, just reported earnings and lowered guidance due in part to consumers pulling back on big-ticket purchases (29:00).

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Mild Recession Brings Opportunities in Tech Stocks, Corporate Bonds: (Season 5, Episode 12)

Feat Elliot Kallen, Prosperity Financial Group

Elliot Kallen, founder of Prosperity Financial Group, joins the podcast to discuss his expectations for a coming recession, to start this summer, and why some of the best opportunities may be in technology stocks and corporate bonds.

Content Highlights

  • Tech stocks: the pullback is coming (3:31);
  • The market is starting to flatline. Look to midcap value stocks (6:04);
  • The Fed will likely raise rates one more time and then reverse. Time to buy bonds — corporates (8:47);
  • Consumers have already started to pull back, judging by some primary evidence the guest gathers… (12:02);
  • Why the recession will be mild, despite the red flags (17:38);
  • Background on the guest (24:00);
  • Active management has its place (30:24);
  • Thoughts on the next generation growth industries (36:53).

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Author of ‘SBF’ on his Book’s Subject, What Undid FTX, Future of Cryptos (Season 5, Episode 11)

Brady Dale joins the podcast to discuss his book, ‘SBF: How the FTX bankruptcy unwound crypto’s very bad good guy’ and offer his thoughts on the present and future of cryptocurrencies.

Content Highlights

  • Who is Sam Bankman-Fried exactly? Is he a crook? (Yeah, probably) Misunderstood? The author has known SBF for awhile and states that his subject was initially motivated by effective altruism, or EA … (1:27);
  • FTX was undone by its special treatment of Alameda. If it wasn’t for that, “Sam would still be on the news all the time” today (10:54);
  • Bankman-Fried’s apparent misreading of crypto cycles led to ill-timed bets after Bitcoin hit an all-time high in November 2021 (14:26);
  • In one of SBF’s last conversations with the author, SBF claims he is unlikely to get a fair trial due to being proverbially hung already in the courts of opinion (17:59);
  • Where does SBF rank among other financial market fraudsters? Perhaps Long Term Capital Management is the closest comparison… (23:52);
  • Background on the guest, including what got him to write the book on SBF (34:03);
  • Cryptos should eventually become a normal part of the economy. In many ways the story of SBF vindicates this (38:26);
  • The world only really needs three blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin (44:28);
  • Crypto regulation was supposed to have happened already, but it all seems to be talk (49:58).

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