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Season 2, Episode 31: James Altucher and Where (Not) to Invest Ahead of the Election — And Beyond

Last updated on October 19, 2020

A wide-ranging conversation with one of the more outspoken contrarians on Wall Street and Main Street.

James Altucher needs to introduction. For several decades he has been an outspoken contrarian on matters ranging from investing to politics, society, entrepreneurialism, and all points in between.

We planned to limit this conversation to investing. That didn’t happen. Instead Altucher spoke on a wide range of issues — including investing — and introduced some items that he hadn’t discussed before publicly.

If you do want to skip to the investing content, it starts at 20:26.

Content Segments

  • We start with a discussion of Altucher’s recent controversial articles, about the death of New York and why he’s not voting in next month’s election (4:21);
  • “Why should I have to choose between two different crime families?” (8:57);
  • Still, there should be a good turnout this year. Altucher does not expect anybody to follow his lead in not voting — and is not suggesting they do, anyway (12:57);
  • Who he thinks is going to win the election, and why (19:41);
  • Views on markets at present (20:26);
  • The worst-case scenario for the election and beyond (24:23);
  • Muni bonds and closed-end funds: sound boring, but there are opportunities (27:32);
  • Additional background on the guest. What were the major turning points in his life and his career? (33:18);
  • Warren Buffett, the OG of investing (39:45);
  • What are the growth areas he is excited about today? (42:14);
  • What to look for, and what to avoid, when it comes to “fallen angels” (46:24);
  • His upcoming projects, including a new company that facilitates video and audio streaming, and podcasting (50:35);
  • Altucher remains in NYC, despite what media might have reported (53:15)

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