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Category: Season 2

Season 2, Episode 35: How Bubbles and False Narratives Made Financial Markets

With Jamie Catherwood, Author of

With the Dow Industrial Average hitting 30,000 on the day of this recording, revisiting historical booms and busts feels particularly timely.

Jamie Catherwood, the author of and a self-proclaimed financial history nerd, is a perfect guide to this discussion.

We discuss booms in treasure hunting, bicycles, railroads, breweries, and of course tulips (which it turns out was greatly exaggerated. The guest debunks this).

Content Segments

  • What epoch in financial history is perhaps most apt in light of today’s period? (3:38);
  • How long do these cycles typically last? (12:40);
  • Bubbles in transportation technology: bicycles, railroads (twice), now electrical vehicles (16:25);
  • “Tulip mania,” often cited as the “mother of all financial bubbles” was in reality nowhere near as crazy as commonly believed (18:40 );
  • What are common elements that prick bubbles? (27:08);
  • The role of central banks and the money supply in the bursting of bubbles (29:59);
  • Background on the guest (40:36);
  • How he started his website on financial bubble history (45:44)
  • Contrarian investors through history (51:59);
  • Epilogue: bonus content for supporters of Tottenham Hotspur only (57:05).

More Information on the Guest

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Season 2, Episode 34: The Bullish Case for Precious Metals, Energy Stocks

Featuring Theron De Ris, Eschler Asset Management

Theron De Ris of London-based Eschler Asset Management joins the podcast to discuss why now may be an optimal time to invest in shares of precious metals companies and energy concerns.

One of De Ris’ favorite stocks — and primary portfolio holdings — is discussed at some length in the second half of the program.

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Season 2, Episode 33: Watch for ‘Blue Wave,’ Followed by Rotation Into Value Stocks

With Scott Colbert, chief economist, Commerce Trust Company

Scott Colbert, chief economist at Commerce Trust Company in St. Louis, rejoins the Contrarian Investor Podcast to discuss the state of the economy on the eve of the 2020 U.S. presidential election. 

In Colbert’s view, the economic recovery is “square root” shaped, with a quick bounce from the bottom followed by “the lazy L that comes after the easy V-part.” Politically, he anticipates a Biden victory and return of the Senate to democratic control. This will eventually lead to a higher tax rate for corporations, which together with a coronavirus vaccine will cause a rotation into value stocks.

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