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Season 1, Episode 7: Governance Arbitrage, With Henry D. Wolfe

Wolfe’s thesis: it’s time to admit the public company governance model is broken

The general assumption that management and governance of public companies are efficient, is false. So says Henry D. Wolfe in his recently-released book, “Governance Arbitrage: Blowing up the public company governance model to maximize long-term shareholder value.”

The underlying thesis (3:00), what needs to replace it (5:30), why institutional investors have to play a key role (7:44), the advantages of the private equity model (8:45), Wolfe’s contrarian investing priority (16:26), Costco the optimal model (21:30).

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Season 1, Episode 6: The Contrarian Opportunity in Puerto Rico

With Tobias Carlisle of Acquirers Funds

Almost all headlines from Puerto Rico are negative these days, but there is a way to profit from all the doom and gloom, according to Tobias Carlisle of Acquirers Funds. An insurance company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on Puerto Rico’s recovery. Along the way, Tobias also discusses Tesla (and TSLAQ), his investment style, and other sectors that he finds interesting at present


Background on Tobias and his fund (0:56), the debate over Tesla (5:26), makeup of the long book and the case for Assured Guarantee (8:37), the specifics of Puerto Rico (12:00), possible target price for AGO (16:25).

Not intended as investment advice.

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