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Month: March 2022

Szn 4, Ep 6: The ‘Bad Times Are Already Here,’ With Acquirers Funds’ Tobias Carlisle

Tobias Carlisle of Acquirers Funds rejoins the podcast to discuss the stock market’s latest dramatic reversal, this time over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and why investors may be a bit too bullish at present…

Content Highlights

  • How to take the huge reversal last week with Russia-Ukraine? (3:11)
  • Every war starts with “the boys will be home by Christmas,” but most tend to drag on longer than anticipated. Sometimes a lot longer… (5:13);
  • Growth stocks have been in correction territory for some time. Are they in a bear market? Probably… (8:52);
  • The interest rate cycle has not started tightening but inflation has the Fed caught between a rock and a hard place (15:53);
  • Energy and energy stocks are still cheap. Then there are defense contractors. Lockheed Martin (LMT) has benefited from Russia-Ukraine and Carlisle is a holder… (21:25);
  • Facebook aka Meta (FB) is also cheap (23:20);
  • Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs: Dead as Disco (30:12);
  • The aim of investing is to survive the bad times and they are “probably here” (37:18).

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Contrarian Calls, Revisited: Liz Hall’s Bullish Calls on Games Workshop, Nintendo

Liz Hall said she was interested in Games Workshop (GMWKF) and Nintendo (NTDOY), in a September 2020 visit to the podcast.

Hall said she discovered Games Workshop, which manufactures Warhammer figurines and hobby collections, and knew she had to invest “because the people were so passionate.”

She saw similar potential in Nintendo (NTDOY) and purchased the stock at approximately $30 per share.

“I saw Nintendo Switch was coming out and everyone I knew who was into video games was raving about this thing,” she said.

Hall said she goes down “rabbit holes” on YouTube and Reddit learning about topics and cultures that interest her to find investment opportunities.

“I think there’s a lot of [investing opportunities] if you just chill and catch the vibe of what’s going on on the internet.”

What Happened

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