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Month: May 2021

Season 3, Episode 12: The Real and Present Regulatory Risk Facing Cryptocurrencies (Updated)

With Jacob Ma-Weaver, Cable Car Capital

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Jacob Ma-Weaver of Cable Car Capital Management joins the podcast to discuss the regulatory risk facing cryptocurrencies.

This podcast was recorded on May 19, a day bitcoin dropped some 15% after the People’s Bank of China published a report warning over the use of digital currencies. But even before the PBOC move, cryptos were dropping in value. Bitcoin has declined more than 30% from its high set earlier this month.

Ma-Weaver’s interest in cryptocurrencies originates with his work as an activist short-seller. He has held conversations with regulators on cryptocurrency exchanges in particular. That was much of the focus of the conversation.

Not intended as investment advice. Nothing on this episode should be taken as an endorsement for or criticism of cryptocurrencies in any form.

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Season 3, Episode 11: Distressed Investing for Retail Investors

With Chris Krug, Chatham Harbor Capital

Chris Krug of Chatham Harbor Capital Management joins the podcast to discuss his hedge fund’s strategy of buying equity of distressed companies.

Krug has a unique background and a unique approach, targeting the equity of companies that are heavily indebted but face a transformation. He shares his insights with listeners with the understanding that nothing is to be considered investment advice.

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