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Month: October 2020

Season 2, Episode 31: James Altucher and Where (Not) to Invest Ahead of the Election — And Beyond

A wide-ranging conversation with one of the more outspoken contrarians on Wall Street and Main Street.

James Altucher needs to introduction. For several decades he has been an outspoken contrarian on matters ranging from investing to politics, society, entrepreneurialism, and all points in between.

We planned to limit this conversation to investing. That didn’t happen. Instead Altucher spoke on a wide range of issues — including investing — and introduced some items that he hadn’t discussed before publicly.

If you do want to skip to the investing content, it starts at 20:26.

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Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference No. 4 Set for Oct. 22

The Contrarian Investor Podcast, in partnership with and Breakout Point, will host the fourth Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference on Thursday, Oct. 22 at 9 a.m. EDT.

Get tickets here. Enjoy a 10% early bird discount until Friday, Oct. 16. Listeners of this podcast can get an extra 10% off by entering the code “contrarianpod” at checkout!

(Premium subscribers get an even bigger discount. Learn about premium subscriptions here.)

The event will feature exclusive stock picks from contrarian investors and last about two hours. It follows on the success of the first three events, which moved prices in a number of stocks.

The focus of this event is on short ideas, though there are likely to be some long ideas as well once we round out the roster of presenters.

How It Works

Panelists will present one (1) fresh stock pick each. These ideas must be contrarian in nature to qualify. Presenters get up to 20 minutes to introduce their idea, including slide decks if necessary. They are then asked to talk through some details by Nathaniel Baker, host of the podcast. Finally, audience members can ask questions through the webinar’s interface. Presentation materials, video recording of the event, and contact information of the presenters will be made available to attendees.

Featuring the following presenters:

  • Grizzly Research
  • Glasshouse Research
  • Bucephalus Research
  • White Diamond Research


Tickets are limited. Full refunds are available up to 24 hours before the event.

Ten percent (10%) of proceeds from this event will once again be donated to the CDC Foundation to help the emergency response to the coronavirus.

New for This Event: 4+1 Ticket Subscription Package

Sign up for the next four events and get a fifth one free! As further incentive, we absorb all taxes and fees associated with this ticket type.

This package comes with additional benefits, such as a free subscription to and a free premium subscription to this podcast!

More About These Events

The organizers feel they have established a practical model of investing conferences for the COVID age. The key is to have the highest quality investment managers, keep the sessions brief, and focus on actionable ideas that have not been disseminated before. The performance of stock picks from the conferences bear this out.

Presentations from the previous event can be viewed below.

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Season 2, Episode 30: The Real ‘Melt-Up Is Still Ahead of Us’

September was a “fake out sell off,” says David Hunter.

David Hunter of Contrarian Macro Advisors rejoins the podcast to update listeners on his vision of a “parabolic melt-up” in risk assets that will presage the next market crash.

What we’ve seen since late March was not the real melt-up, Hunter says. Most of the gains are still ahead, in fact the coming months should see the final (and most dramatic) period of the rally. Then things get ugly.

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